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Nettuno Group has been home to some of the most discerning financial professionals from across the country for more than 20 years.  They share a common interest in growing and operating their practice at a firm that is a true partner. 

Thanks for your interest in joining Nettuno Group.  

We look forward to answering your questions about joining the Nettuno Group. Our firm is dedicated to the success of both our clients and our people.

As a team member of Nettuno Group you will have the full availability of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc (Broker Dealer) and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors (Registered Investment Advisor) full platform of resources to help you achieve your professional goals.

Please explore the resources below to see what Cambridge resources are available to you when you join the Nettuno Group.


Something Wonderful

Hear the story of Cambridge from our Founder and Executive Chairman, Eric Schwartz, and President and Chief Executive Officer, Amy Webber.

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Customizable Tech Platform Offers Financial Professionals Complete Control

CLIC® Advisor and CLIC Client provide digital wealth at your fingertips. Cambridge’s web-based and mobile-accessible workstation provides a streamlined technology experience, including innovative FinTech partner integrations.

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Additional Information

Recruiting Kit

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Fee Schedule

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Technology Package

When join the Nettuno Group you will have access to the Cambridge technology resources listed below:

  • CLIC Advisor/CLIC Client: Digital workstation for financial professionals and their investing clients with basic E-Money Vault access (advanced available for additional cost)

  • Clearing Services: Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, Wealthscape, and Pershing NetX360®

  • Client and Account Servicing: Add/edit/search clients and accounts, forms generation, eSignature, and auto-open most brokerage accounts

  • Compensation Services: Updated sponsor data feeds provide even more accurate and timely processing of your variable insurance compensation

  • Compliance Services: Advertising/correspondence submission and review, trade review, checks and receivables blotter, and direct trade blotter

  • Imaging Services: Web-based document image capture and submission to home office, search and retrieve account paperwork, and document storage

  • Managed Account Services: Fee Billing and WealthPort® 

  • Office Services: Paperwork status monitoring and service tickets with document upload

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